InSi8 Chatbot

Your own conversational bot for quick and responsive engagement with prospective residents, service users and candidates built specifically for Social Care.

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rate their chatbot experience as within range of neutral to positive

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annual cost savings from using chatbots in healthcare sector by 2023

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of healthcare admin tasks could be automated by AI powered chatbot

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of customers prefer to use chatbot rather than making call to customer service

Evolving people behaviour and expectation will impact
Social Care

Let InSi8 assist you in interacting with prospects across different channels and platforms like
websites, mobile and social media in a simple and effective manner so that they feel seen, heard and valued.

How can InSi8 help you?

Assist each website visitor

InSi8 greets with friendly messages, answer questions, guide through websites, and provide visitors with information about your business

Gather Data

You can utilise InSi8 to gather necessary data from visitors without requiring them to complete tiresome and lengthy forms

Generate Leads

The data gathered following visitor interaction can be used for better and efficient prospect engagement

Quick responses

InSi8 assists in providing prompt customer service and can engage your team only for the right handoffs

Automated Answering 24/7

InSi8's automated answering service enables businesses to provide their clients with precise and pertinent responses rather than merely suggestions in real time and around the clock


InSi8 is cost-effective for smaller companies who lack the resources to respond to prospect inquiries instantly. This prevents the Care businesses from losing prospective employees and service users, who otherwise would lose interest given delayed response

Address simple queries

Users frequently have straightforward inquiries that InSi8 can readily respond to fast for a seamless user experience. Improve the customer experience while lightening the workload of your support staff

Save time & reduce costs

Get bots to perform repetitive tasks, freeing up time for your people to care 

Enhance user experience

Make it easier for customers and candidates to reach you and get their questions answered instantly

Improve quality

Eliminate human error and increase consistency through standardised processes

Boost engagement

Understand customer and candidate better through better generated insights and provide personalised engagement

InSi8 is completely customisable.
What would you want InSi8 to do for you?

Inquiry / Lead Generation

With little to no effort, InSi8 enables you to quickly gather data and information about the visitor’s interests. InSi8 can gather data based on the information visitors supply and transmit it to you via email integration so you can monitor the leads that have already been created. It can assist you in removing paperwork and other pointless procedures connected to the traditional lead creation process. Additionally, InSi8 can be used to respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from your visitors and prospects, saving them from having to again phone or email your Team with the same questions they have already asked numerous times. It will undoubtedly lighten the pressure on your team, saving both time and money.

Visit Booking

With an automated booking procedure, you can do away with lengthy forms and increase visitor or prospect satisfaction. By providing a simple and interactive user interface, InSi8 allows people to arrange appointments such as IPP more quickly and easily. It also makes your Care business accessible to care seekers around-the-clock. By utilising InSi8, your prospective customers can schedule appointments with a few simple clicks and without having to wait.


InSi8 provides opportunity for prospective candidates to interact with your brand on your career’s site. It also ensures that your recruitment team takes less time to handle candidate inquiries or applicant information requests. Instead of asking your recruiters to answer the same questions over and over, InSi8 can provide an immediate response and determine if a candidate is right for you. InSi8 is designed to speed up and simplify the recruitment process. If prospects have a positive experience with you, they are more likely to remember future openings and refer you to their friends. Using the most up-to-date technology also demonstrates that you are innovative. This strengthens your position as a Care sector leader

Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey tool offered by InSi8 can be loaded with quick, well-tested employee surveys that provide you with the information you need about your workforce and culture. You can also make it safe for your team members to email you anonymous comments and suggestions. With a data-driven approach, InSi8 assists you in monitoring the status of your business culture over time. Regardless of the stage of growth your Care business is at, getting ideas and input from your employees is crucial

The impact of virtual assistants in driving people satisfaction

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Time Saved

On average, Insi8 enables Customer Service and HR team get 30% of their operational time back

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Increase in service quality

Quick response time, round the clock availability, provide better customer and candidate experience



Never needs vacation or down-time. Always online 365 days, dramatically reducing waiting time

Frequently Asked Question

A chatbot is a computer programme or software application created to simulate human conversations rather than engaging in direct communication or contact with a real person. By automating discussions, a chatbot can assist a prospect or website visitor.

A chatbot is designed respond to queries in natural language using data from its database. A combination of pre-written scripts and machine learning is used by the chatbot to react.

The chatbot responds to questions based on the database at its disposal. The chatbot is programmed to either divert the question or transfer the chat on to a team member if it cannot be answered in the database that is currently available. Apart from this, the chatbot also learns from each such interaction, gradually improves at interactions, and becomes progressively more relevant.

Responding to FAQs, collecting data on prospective service users/employees, shorter queues and quicker responses, 24×7.

Which kind of bot is best for you is a better question! The deployment of chatbots can vary greatly. Select the option that best meets your needs.

By providing your consumers with the quick responses they require, on their terms, whenever and whenever they want, bots enhance the customer experience. Bots are your queue-busters and central automated information hubs because they can handle an almost infinite number of consumer inquiries at once and offer 24/7 customer support.