Easy-to-use, one-stop solution for managing all your audit, inspection and feedback, making your Care businesses compliance ready always

Don't let manual inspection and audit management control
your Care business

Managing audit and inspection procedures can be time-consuming and tedious especially when 
they are scattered in paper copies, spreadsheets and emails.
Take back control with a centralised source of truth and automated workflows 

Digital Library

Bespoke audit and inspections toolkit to help you build the right governance cycle

Role based access

Role-based access makes sure your team can only see and do what's needed for their job, keeping information safe, simple and organised

Built -in Action Planning

Proactive scheduling, collaboration and recording in one place for tracking and continuous improvement

Smart Reporting

Real-time reporting with ability to share relevant information digitally, both internally and with external regulators one-click


Audit On Cloud is purpose-built for Social Care
We provided targeted software solution for adult social care

Care Homes

Home Care


Retirement Villages

GP Practices

Audit On Cloud helps you connect teams, processes and data in one place
giving you the insight to continuously improve your Care busines

Find out how we are the right fit for your care business

Free up time

Intuitive cloud-based solution helps you reduce time to give them back to Care

Connect Your Teams

Makes it easier for teams to collaborate, own actions and continuously improve service

Complete Oversight

Role based view of process adherence and action completion across business

Avoid Duplication

Customised reporting using the same data for different audiences

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Frequently Asked Question

Manual auditing and compliance processes, increases the risk of human error and over reliance on key employees to maintain standards and records. With Audit on Cloud, all records can be stored safely digitally, allowing multiple points of access and for falling standards to be quickly identified and remedied before it becomes an issue.

Audit on Cloud successfully digitises the information intensive process of auditing, thereby reducing costs up to 90% and turnaround times increased sevenfold. More free time and resources helps focus on providing critical care.

Existing audit templates can be uploaded into Audit -On Cloud. Alternatively, library of audit templates already existing on the platform can be leveraged upon. There is a lot to choose from the collection of audits covering an expansive range of disciplines including clinical care, governance, safeguarding, etc

Any self-assessment schedule befitting the requirements can be designed and executed as suitable.

Yes, it can be accessed from any smart device.