Social Care analytics made easy. Unlock the full value of your data for better business decisions.

Don’t let data created and stored in multiple locations overwhelm you

It is difficult to find a single source of truth when your data is scattered
across different systems and departments. Most of the KPIs are calculated manually
which is time consuming and the situation changes by the time KPIs are ready to be analysed.
This prevents Care Business to take the right interventions on time making it costlier to serve.
Turn data from your current multiple disjoint systems into single source of insight.

Connect all data

Cloud agnostic deployment along with ability to connect in-application, on- premises and cloud data

Multilayered Dashboard

Ability to view top line indicators and drill down to detailed department wise performance of your Care business

Configurable and Customisable KPIs

Benchmarked to global best practices to help you go beyond standard intelligence and stand out in your care delivery

Optimise data

Artificial intelligent algorithms focused on improving better use of data


Druva- One View is purpose-built for Social Care
We provided targeted solution for adult social care

Care Homes

Home Care


Retirement Villages

GP Practices

Druva – One View connects your multiple data sources and brings business metrices together helping you to continuously improve your Care business.

Find out how we are the right fit for your care business

Save time and money

Reduce manual data gathering for your reporting needs and get accurate on-time data

Make your data work

Take advantage of a secure, centralised single source of truth of all your data sources.

Take data led action

Be guided by real time data to make preventive interventions for better care delivery

Seamless and scalable

Benefit from this analytics solution, according to your business needs today and tomorrow

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Frequently Asked Question

Reports can be real-time using streaming datasets. Standard scheduled refreshes can be set to refresh
overnight or a few times throughout the day.

Yes. SQL Server is one of many data sources that Druva – One View can seamlessly connect to.

Yes. A user can choose to subscribe to the reports that matter most to them

The Druva- One View service is built using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Speed, visualization capabilities and single source of truth across data from all departments makes it
stand out compared to excel.

A multilayered, configurable cloud-based management information and AI backed decision-making tool
that provides a clear picture of your Care business enabling timely interventions.