Tech Care | Season 4 Episode 7 : Petra Tegman - From Sweden with love and death

Interview with Petra Tegman, Betaniastiftelsen

We are joined by Petra Tegman, straight from Sweden for the 7th episode of Season 4!

Petra’s journey through Dementia and Palliative Care is marked by a series of seemingly coincidental events, or perhaps they were not coincidences at all.

Her initiation into Social Care began with a family-founded nursing home, providing her with invaluable insights into running a care organisation from a young age. Today, Petra stands as an expert in Elderly Care, serving as a trainer and consultant.

While our podcast has delved into Petra’s experiences with municipalities, international collaborations, and technology, there’s a crucial topic that often goes unexplored but is universally shared: death. This subject, particularly significant in palliative care, deserves more attention and consideration.

Happy listening & Tech Care!

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