Tech Care | Season 4 Episode 8 : Chris Taylor - What's your work mode?

Interview with Chris Taylor, Sales Director – MyWorkMode

We are joined by Chris Taylor, Morten’s fellow Newcastle United fan for the 8th episode of Season 4!

Chris, formerly immersed in the realm of workforce management software, now aces the role of Sales Director at MyWorkMode, a company dedicated to resolving recruitment and workforce challenges within the care sector.

The intersection of technology and social care is a noteworthy development, and MyWorkMode stands out for its commitment to helping Care organisations discover optimal caregiving matches through their innovative software.

In this podcast, Chris elaborates on the intricate workings of the system, offering valuable insights gleaned from MyWorkMode’s startup journey. These insights delve deep into the critical issues faced by the Social Care sector, shedding light on the transformative impact of technology.

Happy listening & Tech Care!