Tech Care | Season 4 Episode 9: Lee Trueman - Breaking the stigma of Mental Health

Interview with Lee Trueman

We are joined by Lee Trueman for the 9th episode of Season 4!

Described by Sangha as a cherished figure in social care, Lee, a Home Care tech expert with a decade of experience, discusses the highs and lows of digitalization in social care.

Lee has seen the changes of digitalisation in social care from the first row, so we ask him about the biggest up and downs during this journey: Are we really in a better place than a decade ago? We also talk about the requirements and standards for tech suppliers and how it effects innovation.

He is a huge advocate of mental health and the host of the “Care to talk?” Podcast with Mark Caulfield. He shares some thought-provoking stories and how mental health is relevant for all of us.

Happy listening & Tech Care!

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