Tech Care | Season 2 Episode 5 : Karla Zingel-Leal - From Swindon to South Korea, an outside perspective on Home Care.

Interview with Karla Zingel-Leal

We are joined by Karla Zingel-Leal for the 5th episode of Season 2!

Karla is a senior lecturer at Oxford Brooks Business School with a domain that reaches far into the social care sector. Currently, Karla is researching home care providers in the UK  and abroad! The goal is to advance innovation and strengthen skills development for the sector that she fell in love with 6 years ago, and she now intends never to “leave” again.

In this episode, we talk about various models of care, old and new. And how their profiles match a diversity of professionals and individuals.

We also discuss how technology can contribute to the Home Care equation and how personalisation should apply.

Last but not least, Karla lifts the lid on her current project that takes her as far away as South Korea, and a very holistic care provision.

The Nuffield Trust report: