Tech Care | Season 3 Episode 1 : Darren Evans - Planning your digital memory legacy.

Interview with Darren Evans, CEO of After Cloud

We are joined by Darren Evans for the 1st episode of Season 3!

Welcoming 2023 with Season 3 of Tech Care!

Darren Evans, CEO of After Cloud joined us for the 1st episode of Season 3!

Having started his career as a military training instructor, then moved to banking, followed by the communication industry, Darren ended up in social care, and like some many of us fell in love with the people game here. He has been in the sector for many years now, focusing mainly on tech.

A family tragedy turned into a business idea for Darren. He shares with us about After Cloud and what they do? How memories contribute to the well-being of the care receiver and more. Even certain taste, smell and music can immediately bring forth memories and make an impact!

Tune in to hear Darren’s thoughts on this and more.