Tech Care | Season 4 Episode 5 : Controversial or not, Covid sparked Digitalisation

Interview with Victoria Buyer, Buyer Consulting

We are joined by Victoria Buyer for the 5th episode of Season 4!

We are thrilled to have Victoria Buyer, Sangha’s well-known gig partner, as our special guest.

Victoria holds the role of Managing Director at Buyer Consulting and serves as a Chair member of Age UK Lancashire.

Her unique journey into the social care sector brings fresh insights and candid perspectives. We dive into discussions about the opportunities that crises can bring, with a particular focus on the impact of Covid.

Our conversation with Victoria covers the evolving landscape of care organizations and how technology plays a pivotal role. She also shares her vision for the future of care and what she expects to see. To add an interesting twist, we learn that she’s gone back to university and how she’s managing it – all on her birthday!

Happy listening & Tech Care!

Buyer Consulting: