Digital Road Map

Build customised action plan that accelerates fulfilment of your business objectives through digital initiatives.

Digital Road Map is the very first step of your successful
transformation journey

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff when there are so many technology suppliers in the care industry selling similar products ?

How do you decide whether it is better to invest in a technology or to replace it for your care business ? When is the right time for it?

How do you assess whether the cost and risk of a technology investment are worthwhile? How to prioritise based on short and long term goals ?

That’s where we come in.
At InvictIQ, we are aware of what Care providers need and
a customised Digital Road Map is where it all begins

Through structured discovery interviews, workshops, and usage of proprietary tools, InvictIQ helps you in creating your own digital road map. This blueprint enables you to focus your time, energy, and resources on digital initiatives that will maximise the benefits of your investments.

Working in partnership with your team, we design your technology adoption plan to reach your objectives sooner and help you avoid expensive blunders.

Build your Digital Roadmap today!


Digital Maturity Assessment

Benchmark which stage your Care Business is at to identify what value you can unlock using digital initiatives

Capability Gap Assessment

Assess current capabilities of your Care business and identify gaps that prevent you from achieving desired outcomes for your digital projects

Priority Action Planning

Facilitate creation and prioritisation of SMART action plan for achieving your Digital Road Map milestones

Communication Planning

Develop  systematic communication plan including right governance cycle to manage and engage stakeholders for successful delivery of your technology projects

Change Management

Help manage change by connecting people, process and technology. We complement your change management capabilities and help you build on it as required

Digital Transformation

Manage digital programs, from start to finish, focused on objectives, value, speed and talent. We help you develop culture and capabilities needed for successful change management, long after we have left

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