Digital Transformation

Implement and embed new technology seamlessly across your departments to enhance success of your digital and change management adoption

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of technology
adoption in Social Care

New technology continually hits care market, however, many of these “shiny objects” have limited value to care businesses if not vetted properly

Digital transformation is a long game and requires time. Scarcity of time and lack of experience in digital transformation hinder success and adoption

With 30% success rates, digital transformations remain notoriously difficult and complex, specially in Care sector that has limited resources

InvictIQ helps Care businesses to take advantage of possibilities afforded by new technologies faster, better, and more innovatively

We believe Digital Transformation is about solving your business problems by using technology that is RIGHT for your business, so that you can accelerate value creation for your people

Before initiating digital transformation, it is important to identify the exact business goal of the transformation. We meet you wherever your Care business is on your digital journey and partner with your team to make your digital endeavours create lasting value. The digital journey undertaken is always a three step approach: Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

In its most basic sense, Digitisation is the process of moving from paper to digital forms such as excel. Essentially, digitisation creates value by cutting costs and laying the foundation for business use cases that leverage data

Digitalisation is the process of moving from excel or antiquated software with limited value to a better technology that enables care businesses to capture and assess data to make better business decisions

Finally, Digital Transformation is about integrated approach of using connected processes, right technology and good data to create value for your people. It is a culture shift


Digital Maturity Assessment

Benchmark which stage your Care Business is at to identify what value you can unlock using digital initiatives

Capability Gap Assessment

Assess current capabilities of your Care business and identify gaps that prevent you from achieving desired outcomes for your digital projects

Priority Action Planning

Facilitate creation and prioritisation of SMART action plan for achieving your Digital Road Map milestones

Communication Planning

Develop  systematic communication plan including right governance cycle to manage and engage stakeholders for successful delivery of your technology projects

Change Management

Help manage change by connecting people, process and technology. We complement your change management capabilities and help you build on it as required

Digital Transformation

Manage digital programs, from start to finish, focused on objectives, value, speed and talent. We help you develop culture and capabilities needed for successful change management, long after we have left

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