Tech Care | Season 3 Episode 2 : Adam Keane - From Care Home Gardening to Social Tech Entrepreneur.

Interview with Adam Keane, Founder Altra

We are joined by Adam Keane for the 2nd episode of Season 3!

As a Social Tech founder Adam’s story is deeply rooted in his family’s own care home. He has seen how things have developed since his childhood and throughout his many different (more or less) professional roles in the home. In this episode, he shares his journey with Altra. What this word actually means in Irish, and how he came up with the business idea. 

We discussed the challenges for a start-up and the importance of a good reputation to secure word-of-mouth marketing in social care. 

Tune in to hear what Adam and Altra are doing to support Care Homes across Europe. What’s most important for a tech company in this sector and what’s next for Altra and social care in 2023.