Tech Care | Season 2 Episode 6 : Dr Charles Armitage - Care workers will be the last to be replaced by technology.

Interview with Dr. Charles Armitage

We are joined by Dr. Charles Armitage for the 6th episode of Season 2!

Dr. Charles Armitage used to be a doctor. More specifically, a trauma surgeon until 2016. Here, Charles met Dan Blake and they started a project that grew to become their passion.

This project was Florence. The beginning of the business was tough – starting from scratch with only a Google sheet as their service. Today, Florence is the go-to marketplace for nurses and carers. Over 90,000 care professionals and 2,000 organisations strong. All with Charles at the realm as CEO.

In this episode, we talk about how Florence can help with the current workforce crisis, and how they raised £28m in funding to expand internationally. And about Florence Academy which is their e-learning platform to train new and current care workers. We also ask Charles how he sees the future for social care and what we can do to survive the current crises.